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Network of Power & New World Order Chronology

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With his vast fortune, Cecil Rhodes funded the Rhodes scholarship program for carefully selected English-speaking students from the US, Canada and other countries. The program is designed to brainwash these students with the belief that a handpicked, English-speaking elite should rule the world. In effect, the Rhodes scholarship program trains administrators for the New World Order. In his September 11, 1990 address to the US Congress, President Bush publicly endorsed the New World Order as a justification for the Gulf War. In an address to the United Nations Assembly, in 1991, he made the following claims for the New World Order: No nation must surrender one iota of its sovereignty; the New World Order would be instituted with the rule of law rather than resort to force; it would allow cooperative settlement of disputes rather than anarchy and bloodshed; its promoters are firmly committed to defending human rights.

Network of Power New World Order Chronology


“The New World Order: Chronology and Commentary” outlines the aims and methods of New World Order adherents and delineates the discrepancies between the power elite's publicly stated principles and covertly pursued goals. Part II gives further support to the assertion that the New World Order is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt at world domination, and the imposition of a political system in which national sovereignty, rule of law, cooperative settlement of disputes and human rights will play no part. With the changeover from Bush to Clinton, Americans can expect to see the slide towards the New World Order accelerated. William Clinton is the first US president to have been a Rhodes scholar and his administration is replete with Rhodes scholar appointees.

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