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The World Hoax

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BUT I warn you, reader, your views on Communism, Jews, Sit-down Strikes, Tumult in Industry, the Nazi reaction to Judah, are slated to undergo considerable change by the time you have finished the final chapter in this volume.

Veritas Books: The World Hoax E.F.Elmhurst


To many persons, getting the information contained herein for the first time, the world will never seem quite the same again-until tumult-working Hebrews in this western hemisphere are summarily dealt with, for the suffering and despair they have caused a trusting people. We formerly gave them hospitality under the hoodwinking on Judah's part that they were God's Chosen People. "We, the Jews, invented the myth of God's Chosen People," now confesses Dr. Oscar Levy of London. An honest Jew admits that this part of the Old Testament is a gigantic piece of chicane, hatched and promoted by Jews themselves, to gain special favors from Gentiles in the name of religion. I put this volume in the hands of perplexed and bedeviled fellow countrymen, therefore, in fullest sense of the responsibilities involved. But I have seen my own Gentile countrymen suffer long enough, so that the maudlin appeals from Jewry for "tolerance" fall on mine ears gone deaf. I give you THE WORLD HOAX as the first work of Ernest Elmhurst, knowing that he feels as I do: that no price is too great to pay personally, to see this pestilence of Jewry forever exterminated from a Christian United States! – William Dudley Pelley


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