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The Economic Pinch
(C.A.Lindbergh, Sr.)

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By force of circumstances monopoly drafts men and women into its service to create wealth for monopoly. Mankind is now subject to the prey of monopoly, as primitive man was subject to the prey of fierce animals.

Veritas Books: The Economic Pinch C.A.Lindbergh Sr


Huge wealth is stored in the bowels of the earth as well as upon its surface. The labor and genius of mankind are gathering it for use. For the possession of this wealth there is continuous strife. To get it from the earth and then to possess it men have organized industry, organization has been along lines that make monopoly more certain, it is already accomplished. Monopolists have intellect and they employ their intellect to prey upon the industry of men, women and children. Greater intellect therefore is required to master monopoly. Intellect bids men and women to be free from the prejudices of their own past, and to look to THE SIMPLE NATURAL LAWS to guide them. Mr. and Mrs. Voter are face to face with it all. Their sober honest thinking must rise above the scheming intellect of monopolists-and make way for justice to rule. As soon as men and women free themselves from the cunning of monopolists, and instead follow the natural law for a fundamental basis in the management of things, THEY WILL BE FREE. Monopoly will then serve instead of enslave, as it does now.

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