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Every Drop for Sale, Battle Over Water

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. In “Every Drop for Sale”, acclaimed journalist Jeffrey Rothfeder explores our water crisis firsthand. Visiting the world's hot spots-those with the least amount of water, as well as places where there is so much that the excess is being auctioned off.

Veritas Books: Every Drop for Sale Battle Over Water J.Rothfeder


We'd like to believe there's an infinite supply of usable water on our planet, but the truth is, we're running out, less than .0008 percent of the total water on Earth is fit for human consumption, and thanks to decades of diversion and pollution, that amount is dwindling with terrifying speed as the demand of our burgeoning population increases.

Meeting people on all sides of the water issue: scarred survivors of bizarre water management practices; entrepreneurs scrambling for rights to ship water around the world at huge profits; scientists and political and community leaders who are trying to set things straight. In this compelling narrative account of our world in turmoil over water, J.Rothfeder presents the controversies, characters, and daily struggles he discovered.

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