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Grace and Mortgage
(Peter Selby)

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“Grace and Mortgage, The Language of Faith and the Debt of the World” by Peter Selby – the President of the National Council for Independent Monitoring Boards. He was previously Bishop of Worcester, Bishop to HM Prisons and a Church Commissioner.

Veritas Books: Grace and Mortgage Peter Selby


“This book has largely been about the violation of the conditions of the economy of exchange such that it no longer shows that it takes place within the gift economy of God. The violation of the poor at home, of debtor nations abroad, and of the planet we share, are signs of an economy of exchange that does not know itself as inhabiting an economy of gift, that is oblivious to its conditionality, and that it therefore is unable to give and receive genuine gifts, the gifts of God and one another. An economy of exchange that no longer dwells within the realm of gift turns into one in which exchange is itself dishonoured, and in which there is space neither for the gift nor the graciousness that are essential to the experience of God. In such a debased economy all becomes contract, and broken contract at that. It is to such a world that Christ came as Gift from the Giver, as jubilee from Nazareth, to renew the gift and to call for a response: the remission of the debts that had accrued, the remission of the debts of those who had been violated by an exchange economy that had in its turn forgotten the condition and purpose for which it had been given.” – Peter Selby

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