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800 B. C. – Beginning in the Babylonian Empire, this gold-based system of artificially scarce, debt-issued money has oppressed God’s people for centuries. For good reason it is described in Scripture as the “staff of the wicked,” and the “scepter of the rulers.”

Veritas Books: Chronological History of Money W.B.Vennard Sr


1913 – December 23rd – Congress of the United States, in violation of the U. S. Constitution, passed the Federal Reserve Act. 1934 – Congressman McFadden brought action before the Judiciary for Impeachment of the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors for criminal conspiracy. 1941 – The Pearl Harbor Massacre was fomented as means of getting the U. S. into WW II. 1944 – International Bankers plot established the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 1951 – March 4 – The Federal Reserve System was freed of obligations to support the U. S. Treasury.

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