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Teddy Bear, the last of Kennedy Clan – Zad Rust

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This book follows the circumstances of the Chappaquiddick tragedy, on the night of July 18, 1969, from its mysterious beginning to its squalid conclusion in a top-secret inquest and before a terrorized grand jury, as they were allowed to come to the knowledge of the American public by official activity and inactivity.

The fact that all the efforts of the police and judiciary authorities were directed, in this very special case, not toward the discovery of the truth but toward its burial, forever if possible, would be a sufficient reason for every just-minded person to denounce and expose this malfeasance.  The man for whose benefit so much legal and illegal manipulation has been practiced is, as was each of his two brothers, one of the prominent operators chosen by the Hidden Forces that are hurling the countries of Western Civilization toward the Animal Farm world, willed by Lenin and his successors-the communists, being the current models. Only a regenerated United States can prevent this satanic Utopia from coming true. The conquest of the White House by still another Kennedy will create, on the contrary, the best possible conditions for its realization. And by the same token, what is now the Enslaved World will have lost the very last hope, faint and beyond reason as it may seem today, of seeing Teheran, Yalta, the Marshall Mission, and the Bay of Pigs redeemed by action of the very country, that bears the responsibility for those gargantuan errors.

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