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The Empire of “The City” Jekyll/Hyde Nature of British Government

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When the propaganda mills began their characteristic grind towards war in the early 1930' s, the writer began a more definite study of international power politics, and soon found it an entrancing and revealing subject.

Veritas Books: The Empire of The City JekyllHyde Nature of British Government E.C.Knuth


There was, however, no more free speech; and the most amazing documented aspects of a vast secret world order of International Finance could find no hearing in a situation where some Congressmen denounced overwhelming Nationalist expression of views in their mail as mere organized subversion. The shelves of our public libraries hold thousands of books pertaining to some aspect of this vast subject; most of them dry as dust to the average reader and remaining unread by the public through the years. Most of these scholarly works are devoted to some passing phase of power politics in some part of the world, of which their author has made a specialized study, and have invariably been forgotten as the public has lost interest in that particular incident. The colossal political and financial organization centered in this area, known as "The City," operates as a SUPER GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD; and no incident occurs in any part of the world without its participation in some form.

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