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Please Tell Me, Questions About Freemasonry
(Tom C. McKenney)

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“Contains most repeated, most important questions and answers, concerning Masonic doctrine, rituals, practices; taken from Masonic sources, not one Christian book is referenced here; I have allowed the Masonic authorities to speak for themselves.”

Veritas Books: Please Tell Me Questions About Freemasonry Tom C. McKenney


“Throughout Masonic writings, rituals, lectures, and degrees, there are references to something called the "LOST WORD." If you read and listen, you soon get the impression that the fate of western civilization, if not the entire human race, centers in this mysterious word. And, you will probably want to know why? Most simply put, the lost word is the name of GOD. You probably thought there was no mystery about this since He has identified Himself plainly, elaborately, and repeatedly in the Bible. But Masonry has a completely different view of the matter. Masonry's position is that God's "true" name was once known to a select, elite priesthood in those long-ago, "good old days" when the world was pagan, the mystery religions were in full flower, and everyone happily worshiped the phallus. Then, as time went by, stupid, unenlightened, narrow-minded bigots (you guessed it, Christians, that's us) came along and, failing to appreciate the "grandeur, beauty and perfection" of all that orgiastic, sex-worshiping paganism, got rid of all of their sorcerers, magicians, and other masters of black arts who knew what the word was. And, so, the tragedy of tragedies, it was lost.” Tom C.McKenney, author

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