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The Camp Of The Saints
(Jean Raspail)

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CAMP OF THE SAINTS is a novel that anticipates a plausible situation and foresees a threat, which no longer seems unbelievable to anyone: it describes the peaceful invasion of France, and then of the West, by a third world burgeoned into multitudes.

Veritas Books: The Camp Of The Saints Jean Raspail


What's to be done (at all levels - global consciousness, governments, societies, and especially every person within himself) since no one would wish to renounce his own human dignity by acquiescing to racism? What's to be done since, simultaneously, all persons and all nations have the sacred right to preserve their differences and identities, in the name of their own future and their own past? Our world was shaped within an extraordinary variety of cultures and races, which could only develop to their ultimate and singular perfection, through a necessary segregation. The confrontations that flow (and have always flowed) from this fact, are not racist, nor even racial. They are simply part of the permanent flow of opposing forces, those shaping the history of the world.

For example, since the time of the Crusades and the great discoveries, up to the colonial period and its last-ditch battles, Western expansionism responded to diverse motivations - ethical, political, or economic - but racism had no part and played no role in it, except perhaps in the soul of evil people. The relative strength of forces was in our favor, that's all. That these were applied most often at the expense of other races - though some were thereby saved from their state of mortal torpor - was merely a consequence of our appetite for conquest and was not driven by or a cover for ideology. Now that the relationship between the forces has been diametrically reversed, and our ancient West - tragically now in a minority status on this earth - retreats behind its dismantled fortifications, while it already loses the battles on its own soil, it begins to behold, in astonishment, the dull roar of the huge tide that threatens to engulf it.

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