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Nuremberg The Last Battle

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President Harry S. Truman had appointed Robert H. Jackson as Chief of Council for the U.S., Charged with mounting the prosecution of the major AXIS war criminals at Nuremberg. A number of German and Italian leaders was to be identified as war criminals, prosecuted, and duly punished. Using the unpublished diaries and papers of the principal actors – the judges, lawyers and the war criminals themselves – David Irving has pieced together the remarkable history of how the Trial of the Century came about.

Veritas Books: Nuremberg The Last Battle D.Irving


So it was in Nuremberg from 1945 to 1946. Where the city’s face bore the terrible scars of the mortal struggle between Germany and her enemies, which had ended in May 1945, the ghosts continued to struggle for sixteen more months. There would be few crimes listed in the indictment at Nuremberg of which one of the four prosecuting powers was not itself guilty. In the cause of defeating Adolf Hitler, civilian population had been burned, murdered, brutalized, intimidated, deported and enslaved; aggressive wars had been launched, neutral countries occupied by pretext and deceit, and the unalterable paragraphs of international conventions flagrantly violated.


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