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Red over Black; Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights (G.McDonald)

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‘Towards the middle of 1981, I delivered an address to a group of defense-minded citizens on Communist strategy behind the movement seeking to establish a separate nation for Aboriginals in Australia; later released as a “Threat Assessment” Paper.’

Veritas Books: Red over Black Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights G.McDonald


‘The communications since received indicate widespread concern about trends pertaining to this and other defense-related issues. I was requested to ‘hurry up’ with the suggested papers on Communist manipulations of “multi-culturalism” and the associated issue of what type of migration is best to maintain a homogeneous and secure Australia; all issues related to defense. This book is the result, which above all is a call for action for the defense of Australia against the psychological warfare being waged upon us. My own original concern has naturally stemmed from what I learned about communist strategy and tactics through a lifetime in the Labor and Trade Union movement, and intensified by the years I spent inside the Communist Party. As a member of the party I learned about communist opposition to the “White Australia” policy and plans of making Australia a Communist Country by establishment of Black Republic areas of Australia inhabited by Aboriginals.’

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