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Fascist Europe Rising
(R. Atkinson)

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As the constitution of the Danish people rightly asserts "It is by law you build the land" and no regime in world history has achieved so much imperial conquest by merely generating the law to build their land as has the so-called "European Union".

Veritas Books: Fascist Europe Rising R. Atkinson


The European Union extended that body of law to questions of "free movement of people" but the whole purpose of the free movement of capital is to make the movement of people largely unnecessary. It was the movement of people which interested them most, for that would more quickly break up the cohesion of the nation states.

“The Commission should not get carried away by the idea of transparency - it is necessary to learn to conceal aspects of information which give rise to bad interpretation.” (European Commission internal memorandum)

Eastern Europe wants only to trade freely with the countries of Western Europe but the European Union forcefully prevents that, offering to remove trade barriers only when those nations surrender their hard won constitutional nationhood.’

In the modem era of the universal franchise each Parliament only represents (for its statutory term) the true sovereigns, the people. The end of sovereignty is the end of democracy.

We do not speak of Californian fishing grounds because all the wealth in those grounds is an asset of the US Dollar. The step, which really creates the European Super State is the introduction of its currency - the Euro. Democrats know that you do not need a single currency to enjoy free trade. Dictators know that you cannot conquer countries without a single currency.

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