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The Evidence (Geoff McDonald)

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This volume is a companion to “Red Over Black” (which dealt with the nonsense of a ’Makaratta' or treaty in fact rejected by the National Aboriginal Conference and the Federation of Land Councils) and is as relevant today as ever, for the communist agenda continues. Writes Geoff McDonald in 1983:

Veritas Books: The Evidence Geoff McDonald


“The psychological war hots up against Australia with tormenting propaganda about Australians being ‘racists’. The Federal Labor government and its opposition cannot find a word to defend the good name of Australia against the charge of racism. Lie after lie is thrown at Australia but politicians will not muster the strength to answer on behalf of the people who elect them. Liberal and Labor politicians whose perception is asleep, reach a level of self abasement in placing themselves as decoy ducks to those who are, in broad daylight, promoting the independent nation objective. Even when Left controlled United Nations agencies multiply their slanders against Australia this abuse is still met with stone silence. In September, 1983, a joint parliamentary senate committee of Labor and Liberal politicians brought down a recommendation to the Federal government that they should enter into negotiations with ’representatives' of the Aboriginal people of Australia for a treaty or ’Makaratta' to make peace with the Aborigines. We are not at war with the Aborigines. As the white man’s Treaty Committee headed by Fabian Socialist Dr. H.C. Coombs admitted on a number of occasions, the call for a treaty was a white man's invention.“

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