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Awakening, The Upside of Y2K
(J. Laddon, T. Atlee, L. Shook)

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Awakening” describes the national emergency declared by a distinguished group of American leaders because of the Millennial Computer Crisis. “If you listen and still decide not to act, you might as well just stock your cupboard with gin…”

Veritas Books: Awakening The Upside of Y2K J. Laddon T. Atlee L. Shook


Awakening” steps into the void left by the White House and the leaders to describe in no uncertain terms the unprecedented risks we face. It reflects a provocative cross-section of informed concern about what Y2K really means to you personally, to your nation and the world. “Awakening” is for all of us who believe that this time of danger can also be one of the greatest eras of social reinvention in history.

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