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New Lies For Old
(A. Golitsyn)

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This book is primarily concerned with the communist use of ‘strategic disinformation’. The term means a systematic effort to disseminate false information and to distort or withhold information so as to misrepresent the real situation.

Veritas Books: New Lies For Old A. Golitsyn


The communist world’s strategic disinformation is therefore to confuse, deceive, and influence the noncommunist world, to jeopardize its policies, and to induce Western adversaries to contribute unwittingly to the achievement of communist objectives. Since 1958 a program of strategic political disinformation operations has been brought into effect. Its purpose has been to create favorable conditions for the implementation of long-range communist bloc policy, to impede the adoption of effective countermeasures or policies by the noncommunist world, and to secure strategic gains for world communism. An understanding of the disinformation program is crucial to a correct analysis of the situation in the communist world, but its existence has been either ignored or discounted in the West. An attempt will be made in this book to explain, on the basis of the author's inside information and new methodology, the role of the disinformation program and the techniques employed in it. (The Author A. Golitsyn is a former KGB Officer.)

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