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National Suicide, Military AID to the Soviet Union
(A. C. Sutton)

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“National Suicide” is a first attempt to penetrate what may turn out to be one of the most tragic stories in the 200-year history of the American Republic – MILITARY AID to the Soviet Union. It will come as a surprise and a shock to most readers.

Veritas Books: National Suicide Military AID to the Soviet Union A. C. Sutton


Trade with the USSR was started under president Woodrow Wilson with the declared intention of mellowing the Bolsheviks. It has proven to be impractical – that is what I would expect from an immoral policy. We have built ourselves an enemy. We keep that self-declared enemy in business. The 100,000 Americans killed in Korea and Vietnam were killed by our own technology. This tragedy was brought about bv irrational policies, based on unsupportable premises and reflecting grossly inaccurate analyses of the available information. The war in Middle East was made possible only by Russian armaments and our past assistance to the Soviets. Soviet technical dependence is a powerful instrument for WORLD PEACE - IF WE WANT TO USE IT.

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