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Enemies by Design, Inventing the War on Terrorism
(G Felton)

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G. Felton, an erudite journalist and historian exposes the duplicity and hypocrisy of G.W.Bush’s “war on terrorism” and of the alliance of neo-conservatism and Christian-Zionism, a subject (highly informative and well researched) our media keep untold.

Veritas Books: Enemies by Design Inventing the War on Terrorism G Felton


“Enemies by design” is a profound reading of today’s world. It forcefully brings to the surface historical injustices; injustices that today’s powers-to-be buried in the trash-bin of history, along with the hopes and dreams of entire peoples. As a Palestinian living under, and struggling against, one of the longest foreign military occupations of our time, I guarantee you that the injustices of the last century will never disappear until justice is served – by design or otherwise.” – Sam Bahour, essayist and entrepreneur, Romallah, Palestine.

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