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Kissinger, Secret Side of the Secretary of State
(Gary Allen)

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Only Gary Allen, could have written this eye-opening account of the most powerful political manipulator in Washington – Henry Kissinger.

Veritas Books: Kissinger Secret Side of the Secretary of State Gary Allen


Here are the facts about Henry's "secret swinger" Image; about his shuttle diplomacy In Moscow and the Middle East; about the victories he has handed the Communists in Saigon, Suez, Panama, Portugal, and a dozen other places around the world. Here is the full story of the top Communist intelligence official, who has defected to the United States - and has identified the Secretary of State as a Soviet espionage agent! After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again. The reason for this book’s phenomenal success is that for the first time, someone had stated-and assembled the facts to prove that conspiratorial forces behind the scenes actually control our government and dictate its policies. Read it and judge it for yourself!

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