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Who Killed Martin Luther King, True Story by the Alleged Assassin - J.E.Ray

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Did the FBI order King to be assassinated? Strong circumstantial evidence indicates that it did.

For the first time Ray reveals his whereabouts on a day-by-day basis before and after. He admits being paid to purchase a weapon of the type used in the murder. And Ray admits being in Memphis on the fateful day, but he vehemently denies firing the shot that killed Martin Luther King. James Earl Ray was a petty criminal never before charged with a violent crime and has never shown any racism or been involved in any hate group. At the time of the King murder he was an escaped convict. Ray’s two escapes from prison are brought to life in astonishing detail. Ray’s captors tortured him by depriving him of sleep, beaming bright lights at him 24 horns a day and filming his every move. (While Ray was suffering from sleep deprivation, the prosecutors alternatively offered him relief—and further discomfort, threatening to jail his father, to coerce him to plead guilty.) Initially, even though Ray has always denied his guilt, he was relieved to plead guilty and have the pressure released. But his relief tinned to anger as it became clear that he was a scapegoat and the promised parole never materialized—now he demands a public trial to prove his innocence.

Destined to be one of the most controversial books of the century, “Who Killed Martin Luther King?” will reveal the conspiracy and the cover-up that have tormented America and one solitary man, for more than two decades. 

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