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Armed Madhouse
(Greg Palast)

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'Before you enter these pages, I should warn you: I am not a nice man. But I'm not prejudiced: it's not just Oval Office residents that make me gag, it's holders of offices in state capitols, in corporate towers and in a few churches too …”

Veritas Books: Armed Madhouse Greg Palast


Award·winning guerrilla journalist Greg Palast has gone where most have been too scared to unearth the ugly truth about America today. Here he reveals just how scary it's got: how the Patriot Act has sent a nation crazy with fear. How ballot stuffing and black voter snuffing meant John Kerry actually won in '04, and the Republicans have '08 in the bag. How no child is left behind - in the queue for jobs cleaning toilets, that is. And how Bush's 'ownership society' means corporations buying up the planet. Plus the story of the trillion dollar Gulf War oil babies, why some people like to call Greg a Pinko bedwetting freak, and how to join insurgency USA ...

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