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The Secret World of Interpol - Omar V. Garrison

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In Britain, there was never any doubt about where Interpol belonged in the country's administrative structure. The reason is that no one was asked . . . . The matter never came before the Parliament and therefore was never debated; nor was any kind of formal agreement ratified by that body. Scotland Yard maintains a close liaison with Interpol, to which agency it transmits information derived from such internal sources as the Home Office, the C-11 (a police intelligence unit), the Swansea driver-licensing computer, Civil Service files, and local government records, as well as that received from the U.S. and elsewhere. Any recorded statement of persons in authority, if it is derogatory, can have serious consequences, when passed on as an Interpol circulation

I foresee the day, before this century is out, when total surveillance and therefore total control of whole populations is a reality. Today they are manipulated; tomorrow they will be programmed.

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