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Sketches From Roman History

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Tom Watson was a legendary figure of American history whose life encompassed the mastery of more than one field of endeavor. He is best known as the politician, but his writings in the fields of history and political theory deserve wider popularity.

Veritas Books: Sketches From Roman History T.E.Watson


Tom Watson, was both a southerner and a populist, his reputation as a politician has been sullied and his standing as a writer and philosopher ignored. As you read this little volume, however, you may appreciate how the loss of Tom Watson is a loss for all Americans. Watson had the rare gift-particularly rare for a politician and lawyer, of being able to write with simplicity, directness and yet matchless descriptive power. These brief sketches from Roman history display that prodigious gift abundantly. Watson was able to squeeze from huge volumes of history books the essential elements he needed to illustrate personalities and political ideas in stark clarity, and then write it down in a logical and beautiful simplicity understandable to the most unschooled reader. This priceless talent was what gave Tom Watson his ability to sway thousands as an orator and as the most popular political figure in the history of Georgia. But merely an ability to express oneself is meaningless if one has nothing to say. Tom Watson used his massive talents to explain to his fellow-citizens his view of America, of liberty under law, of the meaning and proper application of The Constitution.

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