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The Cult of the All-Seeing

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The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye has existed under many names and guises for thousands of years. Through the ages its high priests have worshipped before unhallowed altars dedicated to the adoration of a nameless deity – an Unknown God.

Veritas Books: The Cult of the All Seeing R.K.Spenser


The identity of this deity has been concealed behind an elaborate system of veiled allegories and secret symbols. Followers of this pseudo-mystical, humanistic, occult system of beliefs affirms, without proof, that it is based on an unbroken oral tradition handed down from an ancient priesthood in Egypt. The Cult projects a minimum belief in a god which totally excludes God, The Divine Redeemer, and which rejects Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Its leaders tell its initiates that the doctrine of the Cult is based on a “hidden master religion” in which all men can agree because it is founded on pre-Christian, pagan models that appear not to be in conflict with reputable faiths.


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