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A Conspiracy Called Conservation (D.Jensen)

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There are forces, vexatious, malicious, vindictive and covetous, at work in our community which are hell-bent on destroying this country’s prosperity, productivity and initiative, breaking up the family, perverting our citizens, corrupting our children* and white-anting our nation, making Australia a sitting duck for future subjugation. One of the notable virtues of the Anglo-Saxon-Celt races is tolerance, but it also makes them vulnerable to those who would exploit that tolerance. Conservationists, environmentalists, socialists, do-gooders and so-called Christians are attempting to create a GUILT-COMPLEX amongst them and national parks are just one of the many schemes to bring all land under state ownership.

Veritas Books: A Conspiracy Called Conservation (D.Jensen)


Whilst 15% of the Earth’s surface is habitable, only 10% is cultivable – and only 1%, Yes 1%, of Australia is arable. Yet, some of the best farming land in our country is being WASTED in being proposed for “wilderness” – locked up, uninhabited, uncultivated, NOT TO BE USED. Almost all the “wilderness areas” listed in Wilderness in Australia” lie in the 550mm to 750mm rainfall area of resources of water, of soil, forests, pastures and arable lands.

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