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The Federal Reserve Hoax
(W.B.Vennard Sr.)

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When Our Lord defied them by upsetting the tables and casting the money-changers from His temple, He knew that within a week He would be nailed to a cross on Calvary. - The author W.B. Vennard, American Christian patriot studied the subject for years.

Veritas Books: The Federal Reserve Hoax W.B.Vennard Sr


When President Lincoln decided to defy the international bankers who are the real, but invisible, government of the World, he was signing his own death warrant. He was killed by Booth, about whose connection with the invisible government there is but little doubt in my mind. Lincoln printed money (as opposed to lending at interest) in the name of the people of the United States, and the reaction to that action, as published by the London Times, the mouthpiece of the invisible government of that time, was to the effect that Lincoln's government must be destroyed, else this country (USA) would be without debt and wealthy beyond all dreams, attracting to it the best brains of the world.

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