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Truth out of Africa (Ivor Benson)

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The final process of money-power fusion can be said to have begun, setting up a world-wide chain reaction, in the early 1930s in the United States of America, where a self - conscious Jewish financial power prevailed at last over the combined financial power of the great pioneering families represented by names like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Whitney and Astor and, in the final struggle, pre-eminently by J.P. Morgan.

Veritas Books: Truth out of Africa Ivor Benson


There were few outward signs of this cataclysmic change in the character of American high finance, one of these signs being the anti-Jewish outbursts of Henry Ford and others, and what Dr. Quigley described as "the decline of J.P. Morgan itself from its deeply anonymous status as a partnership (founded in 1861) to its transformation into an incorporated public company in 1940 and its final disappearance by absorption into its chief banking subsidiary the Guaranty Trust Company in 1959". Publicly unnoticed, and apparently not even noticed by 'Dr. Quigley, was the take-over by American money-power's new masters of the complete "Anglo-American network" that had been launched by Cecil John Rhodes and his associates early in the century, complete with its executive instruments, like the United States Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs, plus its upper-class English chic and one-world idealism which continue to this day to work like a charm in the recruitment of support. A money-power vortex was thus created in the United States strong enough to draw into its orbit all the disparate components of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) financial power, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford included, followed at an accelerating pace by the separate national money-powers of Europe. It was this new international money-power, concentrated at last on a world basis, with a self-conscious and ambitious nation at the centre of it to give it cohesion and unvarying unity of purpose, whose first major task it was to DISMANTLE THE COLONIAL SYSTEM STARTING WITH THE BRITISH EMPIRE.

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