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Nutrition of the Elderly – Lady Cilento M.B.,B.S.

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“My text for this talk is “Growing old but staying young.” It is to be a personal talk as one elderly person to another. Because I myself am old I know from experience some of our problems and disabilities. My training in medicine and nutrition, however, has enabled me to solve some of them or at least to suggest ways in which they might be overcome.

Ageing is a natural process. The tissues of our mortal bodies must wear out eventually, but many of the disabilities attributed to the ageing process are rather due to poor nutrition than to the mere passing of time. Common signs of ageing - some of the common signs that we attribute to ageing, are poorer vision so most elderly people wear glasses after 60; cataracts too are common; loss of hearing; so we seek hearing aids; many lose their teeth and have to wear dentures; our balance is not so good, so we tend to fall easily without a stick to steady us; decreased muscular strength and endurance, our step has lost much of its spring; and we cannot carry heavy weights; loss of colour in our hair; our sense of taste is not so keen and we do not absorb our food so well as in our young days.” Lady Cilento goes on listing: Factors in ageing, Constituents of foods, Most Needed vitamins and explaining their importance in maintaining good condition.

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