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“Democracy” in Israel

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Is Israel “the only democracy in the sea of Arab tyranny"? Is Israel our “gallant Middle East ally”? Is it worth U.S. support to the tune of billions of dollars year in and year out? Yes, the Palestinian ‘intifada’ continues to rage, and the Zionist State has completely exhausted the reserves of international good will with which it began its existence more than forty years ago.

Veritas Books: Democracy in Israel N.F.Dacey


But American financial support continues to flow to Israel, at an increasingly enormous cost to our moral leadership in the world. Today, with ours the highest per-capital and total debt figure on the planet, should the U.S. continue to finance what many now see as the world's most oppressive state? Difficult questions, but perhaps not as difficult as the Israeli nation and its leadership. While the West has been conditioned to believe that Israel is "the only democracy in the Middle East," the way Israel has conducted its internal affairs for the past forty years tells a far different story. In “Democracy” in Israel, Norman Dacey, one of the first Americans to call attention to the discrepancy between Israel's image and the facts, presents the political and legal realities of modern Israel clearly and convincingly. After reading this book you may not see Israel in the same light as before-but then maybe you should not. At a time when the call for democracy is at a fever pitch around the world, and America's own economic problems demand a more careful allocation of our aid abroad, isn't it time we took a hard, objective look at our priorities and reconsidered the wisdom of borrowing ourselves into financial insolvency, and moral and political bankruptcy, for the sake of this perpetually trouble-ridden, trouble-making little country?

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