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Freemasonry and the Vatican, A Struggle for Recognition
(Vicomte Leon de Poncins)

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There is, in Catholic circles a constant, subtle and determined campaign in favor of Freemasonry. It is directed by the progressive brigade, on the clergy, exerted by the Catholic Press, and even by prelates among the French bishops and cardinals.

Veritas Books: Freemasonry and the Vatican A Struggle for Recognition Vicomte Leon de Poncins


The object of the campaign in favor of Freemasonry is to obtain from the Vatican, and from the Council, while it was in session, the revision or, better still, the annulment of the various condemnations pronounced by the Popes upon Freemasonry since 1738. More specifically, its aim is to bring pressure upon the Roman Curia to obtain such an annulment. The campaign relies for its success upon certain books, cleverly drawn up in such a way, as to present Freemasonry in a favorable light, and it commands sources of information and means of propaganda, far more extensive than those, available to people, who defend the traditional position, for newspapers, books, magazines, the radio and public platforms are all open to receive its voice. Furthermore, it receives the tacit support of the Order itself. To find the first signs of this new tendency, we must go back as far as the twenties. An aged German Jesuit, Father Gruber, an expert Masonic matters, made contact with three highly-placed Masons, Ossian Lang of New York, and Dr. Kurt Reichl and E. Lehnhof of Vienna, in order to study the possibilities, first of a truce, then of a permanent ‘modus vivendi’, which would put an end to the furious war, which has raged between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry since 1738. These contacts were exceedingly discreet, not to say secret, and they remained virtually unknown to the public at large.


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