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Immigration the Quiet Invasion - Dr. J.C.A. Dique

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It may reasonably be asked why Australians should wish to Preserve a British Australian or British Australian European ethnic culture and traditions. Is this sentiment a peculiar one? Do other people have a similar sentiment regarding themselves? Is it a result of Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 or was the Act the result of it? 

The following statements, made by various other people may help to answer this question: “The call to assimilation in all its multifaceted aspects is a soul destroying tragedy that quenches the altar fires of our faith and idealism leaving only the cold ashes of a forgotten glory, of a trust betrayed" Israel Abrahams, Chief Rabbi of South Africa, ‘Jewish Times’ Sept. I964.

"Its against God's law to integrate. It's only nature, not hatred, to keep people among their own kind. A man has to be a fool to want to live in any other culture than his own.” Muhammad Ali, boxer, previously named Cassius Clay, daring interview with Parkinson and also quoted by the Race Preservation Society, England.

“Pour your pitcher of wine into the wide river and where is your wine? You have only the river." Kath Walker, Aboriginal poet in “The Dawn is at Hand”, Jakaranda Press.

"The right to discriminate and to choose one's own primary group of associates on whatever discriminatory basis one pleases, is among the most generally recognised in our culture by both common-and statute law.”

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