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The Case for David Irving
(Nigel Jackson)

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THE CASE FOR DAVID IRVING examines, in an Australian context, the international vendetta being organized against British historian David Irving (Churchill’s War, Hitler’s War, Apocalypse 1945, Uprising) designed to silence him as much as possible.

Veritas Books: The Case for David Irving Nigel Jackson


In early 1993 Irving was refused an entry visa to Australia for a lecture tour to promote his books. He later won a Federal Court appeal against this decision. Author NIGEL JACKSON subjects the Australian campaign against Irving to careful scrutiny and shows with striking clarity the outrageous DEFAMATION to which Irving has been subjected. This book champions political integrity and the freedom of speech and will be a valuable asset to patriots throughout the Free World.


Born in Melbourne in 1939, NIGEL JACKSON was educated at the University of Melbourne, from which he graduated as Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Latin and English Literature in 1963 and then as Master of Arts in English in 1968.

After a short period as a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald, Mr. Jackson spent twenty-five years as a senior secondary teacher of English in some of Victoria's most prestigious schools. He has had four books of poetry published. In the last ten years Mr. Jackson has become a prominent public defender of the freedom of speech in Australia, particularly in the context of political discussion of matters involving race and ethnlcity, He has made a special study of the David Irving controversy since 1987.

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