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The Foundations of Social Order, Creeds and Councils of Early Church

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One of the foundations of social order is the state - the social organization of the creed, the legal structuring of the moral system of a society. The state cannot be religiously neutral - it is the religious organization of society in terms of law.

Veritas Books: The Foundations of Social Order Creeds and Councils of Early Church R.J.Rushdoony


Every social order rests on a creed, on a concept of life and law, and represents a religion in action. Culture is religion externalized, and, as Henry Van Til observed, "a people's religion comes to expression in its culture, and Christians can be satisfied with nothing less than a Christian organization of society"! Wherever there is an attack on the organization of society, there is an attack on its religion. The basic faith of a society means growth in terms of that faith, but any tampering with its basic structure is revolutionary activity. The Marxists are in this respect more astute than their adversaries: they recognize hostility to their structure as counter-revolutionary activity, as hostility to their establishment. The life of a society is its creed; a dying creed faces desertion or subversion readily. Every creed, however healthy, is also under continual attack; the culture, which neglects to defend and further its creedal base, is exposing its heart to the enemy's knife. Because of its indifference to creedal basis in Biblical Christianity, western civilization is today facing death and is in a life and death struggle with humanism.

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