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Social Credit - Aspects
(Anthony Cooney)

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''Social Credit covers and comprehends a great deal more than the money problem. Social Credit fundamentally involves a conception of the relationships between individuals and their association in countries and nations and groups." C.H. Douglas

Veritas Books: Social Credit Aspects Anthony Cooney


Two of the essays in this collection deal directly with the technical aspects of Social Credit - "The Third Way." There are three historical essays concerned with crucial events in British history, and one with a crucial event in American history. Two essays are concerned with plays of Shakespeare and another with the sea change in British culture which occurred in the 'Fifties, a thing crucial in itself. Douglas' works are very dense in meaning and are capable of a considerable exegesis and as he insists, Social Credit is NOT MERELY A COLLECTION OF POLITICAL THEORIES, BUT A VIEWPOINT FROM WHICH WE JUDGE THE WORLD AND THE EVENTS ABOUT US. This "Third Way," a phrase first coined to describe the Distributism of Chesterton and Belloc, provides us with a perspective from which we may view history, literature, art, current events and a many other things besides. That Social Crediters should develop this perspective is of the greatest importance, for the past belongs to us. This collection does not pretend to offer more than the smallest sampling of Third Way perspectives outside and beyond economics and politics.

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