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The Monopoly of Credit
(C. H. Douglas)

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“Since this book was first published, at the time when the Anglo-Saxon world was shivering from financial and economic depression (only ended by re-armament for the second War-phase), there has been a shift, more apparent than real, from rule by finance to rule by Order-in-Council. To anyone who will take the trouble to analyze the course of events, however, it must be obvious that the monopoly of Credit, which means the effective domination of human activity, is being pursued with relentless persistence”. C. H. Douglas

Veritas Books: The Monopoly of Credit C. H. Douglas


This classic work contains the authoritative exposition of the A + B Theorem and shows the connection between the chronic shortage of purchasing power in relation to prices and the costs of War and of centralization of power in the post-war world. It also includes Major Douglas’s statement of evidence before the Macmillan Committee and his address to the World Engineering Congress at Tokyo.

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