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A Changing Image, Arab – Israeli Dispute

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The author is convinced of two things; that American perceptions of the Arab-Israeli dispute are based on misinformation, which has been leading U. S. policy in the region to disaster, and that the American public, given proper information, can judge issues fairly and presumably influence a change in policy…

Veritas Books: A Changing Image Arab Israeli Dispute R.H.Curtis


It should help the general reader understand some of the home-grown causes of the inconsistency and impotency of U. S. diplomacy in the Middle East. It is by far the best contribution I have seen to the Iiterature informing the general American public about the Arab-Israel conflict and the Palestinian question. It should be obligatory reading for U. S. policymakers and all who write or think about this unique complex of problems, and is very suitable as a textbook or supplementary reading in school or college courses, especially those dealing with opinion formation.

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