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Fourth Reich of the Rich
(Des Griffin)

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The story you are about to read is TRUE. The names of the individuals and organizations involved have not been changed. To say that the information contained in this book is explosive, sensational, is to couch reality in the mildest possible terms.

Veritas Books: Fourth Reich of the Rich Des Griffin


FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH is the result of almost fifty years of in-depth research in which the author has striven, to paraphrase the words of the late Sir Winston Churchill, to seek and tell "the truth ... that alone ... that always ... that to the end." We have nothing to fear from truth - if that, in fact, is what we are really seeking. Truth can only add to our knowledge and understanding of world affairs. Truth, alone, can provide a solid base upon which to build our view of the world. If the conclusions reached in this book are, in fact, the truth, they should be accepted and taught as such. If, however, they are false, they can be shown to be error. As George Washington once said, ''Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light." That civilization is presently faced with its greatest crisis of the Ages is beyond question. But why is it so… These effects didn't just "happen" - they were caused. Something - some Force - brought them into existence and sustains them. In the following pages we will take a penetrating look at the effects, and then present some startling evidence regarding the causes for these effects - evidence that may totally revolutionize your outlook on world affairs. Hence the subtitle of this book : THE MISSING DIMENTIONS IN WORLD AFFAIRS.


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