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Descent Into Slavery (Des Griffin)

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Many Americans today feel there is no point in studying the past for the answers to our present national problems. This attitude of focusing on the present, while ignoring the lessons of the past, is opposed to the very precepts on which our nation was founded.

Veritas Books: Descent Into Slavery Des Griffin


Our forefathers were actually aware of the warnings contained in the chronicles of past civilizations, and earnestly exhorted their fellow countrymen to avoid the mistakes committed by great nations of the past. Our nation was founded by men of vision, education and integrity. These rugged individuals had personally experienced the rigors of tyrannical despotism in the lands from which they had fled. They set out to establish a society that would not fall into the same snares and pitfalls. Many of the early settlers looked upon America as a “promised land,” and believed they would be held strictly accountable by Almighty God for the manner in which they developed and governed their new home.


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