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The Aryan Origins of the Alphabet

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“The Aryan Origin of the Alphabet, Disclosing the Sumero – Phoenician Parentage of our Letters, Ancient and Modern” – L. A. Waddell, Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute (The Author of: “The Makers of Civilization in Race and History”)

Veritas Books: The Aryan Origins of the Alphabet L.A.Waddell


The origin of our Alphabet, the objects represented by its signs or letters and its authors have remained unknown, although the subject of many diverse conjectures. Its authors have been assumed to be Semites by all modern writers, the one mechanically repeating the other. This is partly because Greek tradition ascribed the introduction of the alphabet and writing to the Phoenicians under the King Cadmus of Tyre, a people who have latterly been regarded by modern writers, but not by the Greeks as Semites – though wrongly so, as we have seen by new evidence; and partly because the earliest published specimens of systematic alphabetic writing, which can be read and approximately dated, have been in the retrograde form of the Phoenician alphabet and in a Semitic dialect, which was often used in Semitic communities by the later Phoenician kings and merchants, who are thus assumed to be Semites themselves. And this assumed Semitic racial character of the Phoenicians is persisted in notwithstanding the fact that the Phoenicians were called by the Hebrews “Sons of Ham,” and not “Sons of Shem” or “Semites”, and thus were regarded by the Hebrew or Semites themselves as NON-SEMITES. The Aryan racial nature of the Phoenicians has been dealt with in my former works, and is further confirmed here.

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