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World Revolution

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Marxian Communism, which today enslaves a third of the world’s population, continues to gain adherents among idealists who see in it a society which will end poverty and bring about a more equal distribution of wealth.

Veritas Books: World Revolution N.Webster


In this new and entirely revised edition Nesta Webster has had access to material not available in the past. Every Revolution has to have its “heroes” and “gods” and with the wealth of evidence she shows what frauds and imposters they are. Webster shows how Marx took up Socialism as profession. The proletariat was simply the raw material for revolution; he felt no more for the workers than the blacksmith feels for the metal he works into shape. Webster also shows that Lenin was no real lover of the workers, but a paid Agent of the German government sent to Russia to stir up revolt. The whole history of the revolutionary movement is meticulously traced from the earliest times to the pre sent day, with it’s heavily financed and planned riots, chaos and corruption.

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