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The Death of Eve - Alan J. Barron

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The women's or feminist movement has become one of the most influential forces shaping modern society. However, with modern feminism there is a very real danger of overkill. The authoritative nature of feminism will not only stifle the democratic process but will, if left unchecked, destroy femininity. Feminism should rightly be called ‘humanism’ or ’androgynism', because it represents a death wish to annul that, which defines femininity, such policies as abortion on demand, state run creches, easy divorce and affirmative action are antithetical to the uniqueness of womanhood.

The Daughters of Eve want to disown their own mother. The modern idea is that a woman must act as a man if she is to achieve equal status, and the uniqueness of femininity is given virtually no credence in modem society. Child bearing, suckling and nurture, are not the only exclusive gifts of womanhood, but these things are uniquely feminine and distinguish woman from man. To gain equal status with men therefore, society must recognize and promote the view that the uniqueness of womanhood is equal in worth to manhood. Each sex in itself is unique and important, and each sex has a complementary relationship and is dependent on the other sex, this is true equality. This book is dedicated to all women everywhere who want to be women.

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