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Yes Virginia There is Right and Wrong (K.M.Gow)

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K. M. Gow, Ph D, is more than qualified to speak on the questions most crucial to values education. In 1957 Canada Foundation awarded her a scholarship to undertake advanced work at the Tavistock Clinic in London and to conduct a two-year study* of problems involving children and youth in Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Middle East. Her experience spans 3 disciplines: the applied field of Mental Health, academic fields of Sociology and Studies in Management.

Veritas Books - Yes Virginia There is Right and Wrong K.M.Gow


In the session on Moral and Values Education at the first Congress on Education in June 1978, trustees and educators from across the United States and Canada lined up at the audience microphones to challenge conference speakers to move beyond vague, global statements about values. They urged the speakers to define moral precepts we can all accept and try to live by, as distinct from the philosophy of individual and moral relativism. These participants were asking, “Moral Values Education – should I buy it? In what form?”

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