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The War on Christ in America

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The Author pays particular attention to two aspects of the War on Christ : the Communist machinations and menace to the only Christian Fortress America and the Christophobic Power-wielders : the leftist-secularist dominated media; U.S. courts and governmental positions usurped by anti-Christians.

Veritas Books - The War on Christ in America R.R.M.Jurjevich


The book deals with the most destructive aspects of atheistic (“humanist”), Communist and leftist-liberal campaign against the Christian values, morality, influence, and security in the United States. There always have been rationalistic heathens in this country who hated and despised Christ and Christians in the name of “philosophy,” “science,” “progress” and similar delusions and pretences. The last fifty years have seen the campaign against Christianity intensified by Anti-God, i.e., satanic forces through: So-called higher education; Ousting of the bible and prayer from public schools; Pornography; Enticement to drugs; Rebellion against parental values; Spreading of a secularist, i.e., godless outlook; Fostering innovationism, i.e., mindless assumption that anything new must be better than the traditional, tested ways; assuming on sheer faith that Communism is the wave of the future and that it will enhance the happiness of humanity, contrary to all reports from the “liberated” countries.

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