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Economics of the Green Renaissance

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What are the means to a “green” environment. Why can’t we “go green”? How can we “go green”? A simple amendment to the system can bring the change or conservation we need. Here it is – explained!

Veritas Books: Economics of the Green Renaissance (J.G.Stuart)


A Banking Takeover (Yes, take over the Greens!)The news broke at a most unusual conference held in Denver, Colorado, in Sept. 1987. Present were bankers David Rockefeller and Baron Edmund the Rothschild also American Secretary of the Treasury James Baker III. 60 countries were represented on a ‘expenses paid’ bases. The big idea was to petition the United Nations for a lien (legal claim on somebody’s property) upon all the world’s untapped wilderness areas, comprising some 20 millions square miles throughout the six continents, ranging from 7% of Europe to about 99% of Antarctica. Individual states would be persuaded to give up sovereignty over these virgin lands, which would then be put at the disposal of a special wilderness trust, administered by the self-appointed guardians of Planet Earth.

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