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Defy and Win
(Grant Bird)

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The 1991 wool crash turned the Author’s life upside down. The Bank’s methods, threads and arrogance in systematically treating good families like dirt and destroying their pride and dignity was unbelievable. This book is a result of “walking over* the glass and feeling the pain ”This is not a book of theory, but a step by step recipe book, of HOW TO SAVE THE FAMILY FARM!

Veritas Books: Defy and Win Grand Bird


Debt is a form of slavery. Banks have put rural Australia in a position that with the slightest seasonal downturn there is no surplus set aside to handle bad seasonal times. Deregulation gave us probably the worst banking system in the world-we have an industry exploitive in its nature with no rules whatsoever. Banks “make you and break you” and maintain profits by giving and taking their credit. We believe that this act is illegal, immoral, exploitative and deceitful, therefore we do not apologize for defying the Banks when they attack farmers.

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