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Money and Taxes, A Legal Brief

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Most equitable, honest way of CREATING MONEY AS TAXATION OPERATION: The government receives the tax voluntarily because the tax is the wealth created by the Citizen and given to the government for the receipt, which is made negotiable as currency.

Veritas Books: Money and Taxes A Legal Brief


POINTS ESTABLISHED IN ARGUMENT BY THIS BRIEF: I. US Congress has no authority to declare worthless paper a legal tender. II. Congress may not repudiate its pledge to redeem Federal Reserve Notes in lawful money. III. Federal Reserve Notes are at present receipts for taxes collected and are exempt from all forms of taxation. IV. Congress has illegally and improperly delegated the control over money to the Federal Reserve System. V. The dollar consists of 15 5/21 grains of gold 9/10 fine or paper, which represents this standard of value. VI. Congress has illegally and improperly delegated, its sovereign power to tax to a privately controlled Federal Reserve Banking System. VII. Under the 9th and 10th Amendments, "We the People" reserve the sovereign power to tax ourselves by creating our own paper currency in the name of the Congress. VIII. Since Congress has not performed its duty of taxing "We The People" by emitting "bills of credit" (Art. I, Sec. 10), it has forfeited its purported power to tax under the 16th Amendment thus making the INCOME TAX VOID AND SUPERFLUOUS.

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