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Democratising Money

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By early 1990, democratic acclaim had approached almost universal dimensions among the peoples of the world. While in the West, there has never been less satisfaction with their representative systems; not because they are representative, but because in the myriad of areas they are not. Be it levels of taxation, increasing Government indebtedness, immigration policy, a centralized private media ownership or the deferral of Governments to international pressures contrary to popular will, a great unease is awakening at misrepresentation.

Veritas Books: Democratising Money C.Pinwill


What’s democratizing money? Perhaps you will invest in an ethical investment. Perhaps you don’t want to finance a highly polluting industry. Perhaps if you had the say you wouldn’t have funded revolutions in Latin America or many of the others that have been financed. If you were investing, be it in high technology, agriculture, heavy industry or basket weaving, who would be making the decisions? You, the citizen would be making them. And is that democracy? It is democracy, to have citizens responsibly making the real decisions about investments in this country?

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