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The Oil Card, Global Economic Warfare in the XXI Century

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“Oil, metals, foodstuffs and other raw materials now have their prices set by nameless, faceless financial "speculators" rather than producers and consumers. Pricing in these commodities has been largely de-coupled from actual physical supply and demand fundamentals, becoming a plaything for whoever has deep enough pockets, an ability to dictate world events, and the will to take big risks. Thus, the price of oil is now less dependent on the actual supply and demand for "wet" barrels than on the huge sums of money pouring into NYMEX futures from pension and other investment funds, tacitly enabled and encouraged by US regulators.”

Veritas Books: The Oil Card Global Economic Warfare in the XXI Century J.R.Norman


“Daily oil volumes on the NYMEX now dwarf global physical oil consumption. Anybody who is anybody in the oil industry, government or the analytical community will no doubt officially deny and scoff at my thesis. But then, this is to be expected. Yes, I've gotten confirmation from some "spook" sources I believe to be in the know about what's going on. But none of them dare be quoted, and might not be believed if they were. In the end, perhaps the strongest evidence in this case may be the deafening silence, inaction and seeming helplessness of the US government in the face of runaway oil prices. That is, as Sherlock Holmes would note, "The dog that didn't bark." We are thoroughly immersed in a new kind of Cold War. In place of armies and navies lined up on opposing borders and the pervasive threat of sudden ICBM attack, we have an economic struggle waged with money and markets while the combatants offer smiley-faced pleasantries for the news media. Don't believe them. This is mortal combat, as the former Soviets will attest.” – J. R. Norman

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