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Health Wars

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“Truth is only any good if you act upon it. Both orthodox and alternative paradigms have much to bring to the table. We have made some great advances in medicine: infant survivability at birth, A & E trauma medicine, surgical techniques, pain management, prosthesis. Yet two realms remain unqualified failures: disease and mental health."

Veritas Books: Health Wars P.Day


"The following chapters may outrage and shock, and while one may form the conclusion at the final page that the measures described in this book ‘make all the sense in the world', how many will actually act to improve their own circumstances? In the end it's up to us. While we've been short-changed on 'healthcare', the odds of living to a grand old age with all our own marbles is squarely in our purview. If I can convince you that you're worth working on, will you do a few simple things to add years to your life? What would another fifteen years really be worth to you, to your children, friends and family? Would you teach them how to qualify for the extra mileage also?” Philip Day

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