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American Dynasty, Aristocracy, Fortune and Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush - Kevin Phillips

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Reigning over America through nepotism, big money, the oil and arms industries, the CIA and the Evangelical Right, the Bush family is the world’s most all—powerful dynasty. In this incendiary book, renowned US political commentator Kevin Phillips exposes how, through their ruthless grip on the levers of power, four generations of Bushes have become entrenched within the upper echelons of the American Establishment. Revealing how they have gone with the money at every opportunity and reinvented themselves from silver-spoon Yankees to born—again Texans.

 He takes us into the heart of the labyrinthine world of old-boy networking, faux royal lineage claims and secret Yale societies behind which their unique brand of crony capitalism flourished. And, Phillips asks, if the Bush dynasty are the new aristocracy and the land of the free has become the land of the loyal subject — what does this mean for democracy and the rest of the world?

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